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Questions and Answers

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How does the pathing work?

The pathing tries to find the best route possible. In open areas there's lots of identical paths for it to take; To choose which path it will go it follows these priorities: UP, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT. This means that the path will go UP as far as it can first – then right, down, left.
If the path is going to the TOP RIGHT from the BOTTOM LEFT, the path will go UP all the way to the top, then RIGHT.
If the path is going to the BOTTOM LEFT, from the TOP RIGHT, the path will go all the way DOWN and then LEFT.
So, BOTTOM LEFT, from TOP RIGHT? If you answer "DOWN then LEFT" you are correct!
If you answered "uhhmm.. what's up with the directions in caps?" then you get a bonus point!
Remember, teleports are traps and do not effect the path choice.

Demo 1


How does Multi-path work? (Two paths at once)

The Green start location on a map starts the Green Path, or 'Path 1'.
The Green Path noted by the green in the arrow may pass over Green Allow blocks:

But they can't cross Red blocks:

Likewise, the Red Path noted by red in the arrow may pass over Red Allow blocks

Demo 2


More than one of the same checkpoint?

The pathing is very greedy. It's only looking at it's next target. It does not look at the big-picture. You can use this to your advantage. When there's more than one checkpoint, you can completely wall one off.
Not many maps will contain more than one of any checkpoint.
The below demo demonstrates it's greed. - The path will actually be shorter if you wall the bottom A!

Demo 3


How do these ice tiles work

The path cannot turn on these tiles
These tiles are pathed as part of the pathing engine, and are not traps.
The pathing engine will make use of the ice tiles to find the shortest path.
But you can still use them to your advantage! See the demo!

Demo 4


What are 'Champion Points?'

Champion Points are a way to give you recognition for your skills and dedication. They work like this:

Make sure to play every day to receive as many points as possible!


Can players cheat?

We'll assume you mean, "Can you write a solver?". Yes, and No...
The Pathery problem is a NP-Complete problem (With or without teleports).
You might think you have the best solution, or point at the scoreboard and show me that 30 people are tied at this top score. But, you cannot mathmatically PROVE your solution is the best. And for this same reason, solvers are weak. (It would take years for a computer to prove a solution is the best - I give you 24 hours.)
The larger and more complicated the map, the greater advantage a human brain has over a computer.
This is what motivated me to make this game. And why it continues to hold my love.
So no, you can't write a solver, but Yes, you can write a Pathery AI. Pathery AI's do exist, and can find limited success depending on the map.
You can read more about this topic @

Pathery has similar properties as the The Longest Path Problem (wiki)


Does Pathery have a theme song?

Wow, I'm surprised you asked! We do! A parody by Daniel Jay Barrett.

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