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Privacy Policy


The following is a privacy policy... Filled with many words and nouns... verbs... and things that are generally used in such legal documents.
Let's be real, you're only reading this because you're stuck on a Pathery problem...
I've tried my best to make the following slightly less boring by using some unedumicated wordifications.
So all them mistakes below, are -- for entertainment purposes... Yeah... That's it!

Privacy Statement for Website

I am committed to keeping personal information you give me private.
Below explains what information I collect, why I collect it, and how I keep it safe.
I will never sell or share the little personal information I collect from you to any third party.

What and why is information collected?

I store your email address along with an identifier from the OpenID or OAuth provider you log in with.
This is used to identify you, and possibly to send you notifications.
You can opt out of these emails
Your email will not be displayed on this website.
I store your solutions to puzzles, these solutions are visible to anyone after the map has expired.
Other site-specific settings for Pathery may be saved for your convenience.


Things you type in the chat are stored for an undetermined amount of time. I don't particularly want to store this information, but apparently that's how online communication works... Oh well.

How do I keep your information safe?

By never telling anyone, or selling it!
Because I use an OAuth or OpenID provider for my login method, the security is mostly on their end.
I understand keeping your information private, especially your email address is important.
I will treat you like I want to be treated, by paying close and careful attention to how this information is stored and accessed.
I am wise enough to ask for help to ensure that my coding practices in this regard are safe.
I also close my curtains when I read all of your email addresses trying to decide who came up with the most clever address.


It is likely I will update this privacy policy. Check back for those changes in the future.

Who's in charge?

Patrick Davison is responsible for keeping your data safe. - I'll do my best, with a little help from my friends.
This is known as a "data protection officer", and it sound like a cool title.

... Okay it's done now - - do you have the right grouping? Generally group the odd's and the evens together.
Like A+C+E Start+B+D
Good Luck!

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